luxury Facilities

on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the Source of the Nile River

Being located on the shores of Lake Victoria gives us an added advantage which allows us to provide unique experiences to our guests. We have a brand new boat which offers sunset/sunrise/day cruises on the lake, as well as fantastic gardens in which you can relax and enjoy time spent with friends and family. We want to do more for our local community by hosting regular entertainment evenings time to time. 

Boat Cruises

to Source of the Nile & Lake Victoria 

Our Boat Cruise to Source of the Nile and Lake Victoria is very popular in terms of activities. We do offer drinks and snacks upon request on the Boat to make your trip event better. Recently introduced early morning Boat Cruise with Breakfast is getting very favourite among our guest.

Suntracker Boat Capacity is 12 guest at a time and Kingfisher Boat takes 8 guest. Refer to our boat tariff card for more details.

the ideal and breathtaking location

Private Functions/Events

We have the ideal and breathtaking location to hosting weddings, parties and private functions. There is ample space in and around our beautiful gardens, as well as in our restaurant and bar, and we can provide everything to make your event a special one to remember! Please use the contact us button to make enquiries or call us to find out more.

Bonfire Night

Sharing time with friends and family

A bonfire is a rite of passage for many people. It provides an excellent opportunity for friends to engage in conversation, storytelling, music making and general camaraderie. Sharing time with friends and family members around a cozy bonfire is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast paced world we live and work in. Come for a meal or drink at the JINJA SAILING CLUB on FRIDAYS, and we aim to provide you with a platform of enjoyment in which you can do exactly that.

Bring your own guitars or instruments and we guarantee you a place to let them breathe and come alive around our fire. Bonfire nights available on request.